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How the internet could take down Hollywood

While the battle for the internet has broken loose, more and more voices are going up to cut off the source of the problems. Hollywood is becoming obsolete. The internet can take over many of its rolls and the movie industry is fighting for its life. More and more internet users are proposing a boycott of Hollywood. I personally think that this will only be a temporary success and think a long term solution would be better.

One of the only things the internet isn’t doing yet is funding movies. Its one of the few things hollywood can do and the internet doesn’t have a answer for yet. Well, until yesterday. A group of redditors (users from the site who proposed the internet blackout) has started an initiative to fund movies publicly. Its still in a developing phase and testing the waters to see if there is more support for it. You can find more information here.

The idea revolves around crowd funding. Anyone can buy a share in the movie with a small donation. If the movie profits, a part of it is divided over the holders of the tiny shares. If it doesn’t profit, well then at least you saw the film get made you donated for. If there is not enough money to start the movie, the shares can be returned.

The concept is not totally new. Its already available for the music industry. is a prime example of that. Its a proven concept and with the current outrage directed against Hollywood it stands a good chance.

Amazing short film: Archetype

Archetype. Its the passion project of Aaron Sims, a concept/creature designer who also worked on Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and The Thing. He made this short film in hopes of turning this concept into a feature film. An amazing detail about this short, is that it was made with a $0 budget, and allready it looks more attractive then most of the sci-fi material that is being produced by Hollywood.

Meanwhile a small group of redditors, under the banner of Hivemind Features, have decided to see if there is enough support for this concept in order to fund a feature film for it.  You can support this initiative here.